Renfield of the flies and spiders, or, Tell Dracula to bug off

by Tim J. Kelly

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Statementby Tim Kelly.
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Also known as "Renfeld of the Flies and Spiders" by Tim Kelly, "Tell Dracula to Bug Off" is directed by T.K. Bullock. During the show, Count Dracula's faithful servant Renfield is back. Nov 21,  · He's a delusional mental patient in a lunatic asylum who eats spiders and flies to absorb their life force. Dracula uses him to gain entrée before enslaving him. The whole Dracula/Renfield. Renfield of the flies and spiders, or, Tell Dracula to bug off by Tim J. Kelly 1 edition - first published in Not in Library. The internal teen machine by Tim J. Kelly 1 edition - first Open Library is an initiative of the Internet Archive, a (c)(3). Renfield is obsessed with the life-giving energies of the animals he eats—flies, spider, birds, cats—and these animals must die to give him life. Renfield wishes to gain the special knowledge of undeadness from Dracula, but is eventually killed by his would-be master.

Oct 03,  · Renfield’s Spiders: Blue Corn Tortilla Chips & Transylvanian Salsa Posted October 2, by Alison's Wonderland Recipes in Book of the Month Recipes / 6 Comments I’ve been looking forward to starting this menu for ages!Servings: 4. Renfield. A madman in Seward's asylum. He is obsessed with consuming as much life as possible: he eats flies, spiders, and even birds while they are raw and live. Dracula makes Renfield his henchman, but when Renfield betrays the vampire, Dracula kills him. Mrs. Westenra. Lucy's mother. Ok, in the novel it's implied that Renfield ONLY eats his prey alive. It's also implied that he doesn't eat them right away but saves them for later. I can see how this would work for sparrows, and maybe spiders. But how does he preserve the flies? Well, he was catching them using sugar. That doesn't answer my question. Aug 03,  · These Dracula: Dead And Loving It Quotes About The Satirical Comedy Horror Film. There are so many Dracula: Dead And Loving It quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, [ ].

Meanwhile, Dr. Seward writes about his strange patient, Mr. Renfield, who is collecting flies, spiders and cats. Later, Mina writes about a ship that came into the harbour during a huge storm. There was no one on the ship except for the dead captain and a large dog which immediately ran Isaac Silva. Voila! Finally, the Dracula (Spanish) script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the Spanish version of the movie This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay and/or viewings of Dracula (Spanish). If you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a won't hurt my feelings. Honest. Whatever the strengths or weaknesses of the story, though, the movie is made by the performances Lugosi's obviously, but also Dwight Frye as his hapless victim Renfield, who becomes enamoured of eating flies and spiders and rats as a result of being turned into Dracula's slave. BWW Review: DRACULA at Connecticut Cabaret Theatre flies and spiders. Renfield is conflicted between his own will of not wanting to harm anyone, and the mind and action controlling will of.

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Renfield could have a fancy condo but instead buys Curfews Castle, the old dump where Dracula lived. Renfield knows how to call the vampire back from the grave and wants revenge on all those who treated him badly in the past, including Miss Feather, his overly-critical geography teacher.

Hambly retells the chilling tale of Bram Stoker's most enigmatic character, Renfield, the faithful servant of Dracula. Eater of flies and spiders and whatever else should land in his cell at the asylum, he yearns to rejoin his daughter and wife while serving as a dutiful slave to his master Dracula/5.

Oct 23,  · Renfield: Slave of Dracula is written with the utmost respect for Bram Stoker's original work. Barbara Hambly did a remarkable job with this book. The book's main focus Tell Dracula to bug off book, of course, the character of Renfield, resident of Dr.

Seward's asylum who consumes life in the form of spiders and flies in the hopes of strengthening his own/5(17). Renfield Of The Flies And Spiders or Tell Dracula to Bug Off.

Author(s): Tim Kelly. Remember Count Dracula's faithful servant Renfield, who liked to gobble yummy flies and spicy spiders. Well, he's back. He's been declared "sane" so his nasty brother and sister-in-law, Philip and Jessica, can get their hands on Renfield's fortune.

BAY CITY, MI -- Alas, poor Renfield, no one knew him well. But students at All Saints Central High School in Bay City aim to change that when they present the comedy "Tell Dracula to Bug Off," -- also known as "Renfield of the Flies and Spiders" -- by Tim Kelly.

Dec 14,  · On seeing the doctor’s disgust, Renfield tells him Renfield of the flies and spiders eating flies is ‘very good and wholesome; that it was life, strong life, and gave life to him’ (Dracula).

Notably, Dr Seward fails to acknowledge that humans are constantly eating other living creatures; what perturbs him, then, is not the consumption of life but a matter of designation: flies are not considered to be ‘normal’ Kaja Franck. Renfield. You'll never look at houseflies the same way again after Renfield decides they're a tasty snack.

Renfield, a patient in the asylum where Dr. Seward works, is a difficult character to get our heads around, simply because of his abnormal psychology.

Renfield feeds flies to spiders June 18, Renfield begins feeding his flies to spiders in his rooms. Seward sends a telegram to Van Helsing in Amsterdam to tell him that Lucy has improved.

Arthur cuts off Dracula's head and Quincey stabs him through the heart. Quincey dies November 6, Mar 07,  · Renfield is a type of vampire though he prefers to consume the whole rather than feeding off the body slowly over a number of nights.

Renfield’s idea that “the blood is the life” (p) gives the reader a little insight as to why Dracula might want to consume the blood of humans. Hitherto, Dracula’s actions have just been a given.

Oct 22,  · The condition is named after the character Renfield in Bram Stoker's novel Dracula. Renfield is a mental patient who consumes flies in the belief that he will absorb their life force. Eventually, he begins feeding flies to spiders and spiders to birds, then consuming the birds, to obtain a greater concentration of life force.

Renfield's Diary: The Dracula Companion. by Roger Martin in the hope of obtaining their life-force for him.

He starts by consuming flies, then develops a scheme of feeding the flies to spiders, and the spiders to birds, in order to accumulate more and more life. so he warns her to leave (although he doesn't tell her why).

Then, after. Seward notes again that Renfield is remarkably lucid and, what is more, that Renfield seems to be a literate and learned man. Renfield scoffs at the notion of collecting flies and spiders.

Later, however, Renfield reverts to his old ways. That night, Seward orders an attendant to stand guard outside Renfield's cell to note any aberrant. Renfield of the Flies and Spiders or Tell Dracula to Bug Off. Cast: Flexible cast of 23 (roughly 7M, 16F), optional extras Set/Time: Simple interior set / About 90 minutes Remember Count Dracula’s faithful servant Renfield, who liked to gobble yummy flies and spicy spiders.

Well, he’s back. More. The following evening, the asylum attendants hear a scream and find Renfield lying in his cell, covered in blood. Summary: Chapter XXI. Dying, Renfield admits to the other men that Dracula often visited him, promising him flies, spiders, and other living creatures from which to gain strength in return for Renfield’s obedience.

Sep 01,  · Renfield: Slave of Dracula is a delicately sadistic novel of great literary merit. Hambly's words roll off one's tongue like absinthe, drawing the reader hopelessly down to the darkness where her characters dwell. I highly recommend this novel to any lover of gothic literature.5/5(5).

Dracula then summoned rats and flies for Renfield and made the dogs howl in the distance. Renfield invited him in. Then the next day, Dracula came back and let himself in without being invited (apparently it only takes one invitation).

Renfield was mad about it. When he saw Mina that day, she looked bloodless to him. Jul 30,  · Lessons to Learn from Bram Stoker’s *Dracula* 30 Jul One of my favorite things to do here in BA is to read, and as I pen – fo real, notebook and all – my own manuscript, I’ve turned to one of my favorite classic novels for inspiration.

Seward attributes Renfield's condition to a "religious mania." Renfield's pets (the spiders, flies, and sparrows) are no longer important to him. Later that night, Renfield escapes. Seward and several attendants follow Renfield to Carfax (the destination of the fifty boxes of earth belonging to Count Dracula).

RENFIELD'S DIARY Richard Morrison Renfield is an inmate at the lunatic asylum overseen by Dr. John Seward, is a difficult character to get our heads around, simply because of his abnormal psychology.

He's described as a "lunatic" and a "madman," but there's definitely method to his madness. [Dracula goes up the steps and waits for Renfield, who, without difficulty, cuts open a hole in a huge spider's web using his walking stick] Count Dracula: The spider spinning his web for the unwary fly.

Start studying Dracula Study Guide. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. What does Renfield say that implies Dracula has been in contact with Mrs. Harker.

I don't care for pale people (). He gave many flies to one spider and many spiders to one bird, and then wanted a cat to eat the many. Van Helsing wants to cut Lucy's head off and take her heart out of her body.

(pg. ) Renfield tidies up his cell before Mina visits by swallowing all of the spiders and flies in his boxes before Mina comes into his cell.

Describe the encounter between Renfield and Dracula when the. Renfield catches flies and eats them, then begins using the flies to attract spiders, and the spiders to attract birds, eating the larger animals.

He also babbles incoherently about his "master." When Lucy returns to London from her vacation, her fiancé, Arthur Holmwood, notices she appears pale and weak, and so he calls Dr. Seward to examine her. Sep 03,  · Renfield: Slave of Dracula is written with the utmost respect for Bram Stoker's original work.

Barbara Hambly did a remarkable job with this book. The book's main focus is, of course, the character of Renfield, resident of Dr. Seward's asylum who consumes life in the form of spiders and flies in the hopes of strengthening his own/5(17).

Oct 17,  · 'Tis the season for ghouls, goblins and Victorian literature. How did Francis Ford Coppola's lavish adaptation change Bram Stoker's gothic horror classic Dracula. Fangs at. RENFIELD: Certainly. (Renfield turns away from Seward) But you might as well ask a man to eat a molecule with a pair of chopsticks than to interest me in lesser carnivora.

SEWARD: I shall have to invent a new classification of the lunatic for you. What about spiders. Spiders eat the flies. RENFIELD: Yes, spiders eat them. To kill Dracula, Van Helsing says they must first track down his fifty boxes of earth.

He also resolves that Mina must not be burdened with or endangered by the details of their work. The men tell Mina that they “are men and are able to bear; but you must be our star and our hope.” The entire company asks to see Renfield. Evidence of Count Dracula’s presence in England begins with Renfield’s manic behavior.

On June 5th, Dr. Seward observes Renfield catching flies. Next he observes Renfield attracting spiders and feeding them the flies. Within a month of noting this odd behavior, Dr. Seward watches as Renfield eats a fly. Oct 01,  · In the book, this man is Jonathan Harker.

In the movie, this role is given to Renfield (Dwight Frye). Renfield goes insane after his encounter at Dracula’s eerie castle. He spends the rest of the film as Dracula’s crazed servant who is itching to drink the blood of flies, spiders, and – if he plays his cards right – rats.

Blood symbolizes the very life force, the essence, of a human being in Dracula. Since the title character is no longer human (but an “un-Dead” animalistic creature), he must obtain the life-force of others to continue his existence (just as Renfield, the madman he holds in thrall, consumes flies and spiders).

The character of Dr. Seward in Dracula from LitCharts | The creators of SparkNotes. Dracula and your case-book was ever more full than the rest. You were only student then; now you are master, and I trust that good habit have not fail.

Seward reports that Renfield's spiders and flies are becoming a nuisance. Seward (full context) Dr.As he is dying, Renfield tells Seward and Van Helsing that Dracula entered his cell in a mist-like form and, when Renfield tries to resist the Count, he threw Renfield violently down.

Before he dies, Renfield warns the men that Dracula has been visiting Mina. Browse all book notes Historical Context Main Characters Points to Ponder Did You Know.Oct 11,  · Dracula tells Mr.

Renfield says that the spider lays its traps to obtain the blood of like. Of course this set the course that Renfield will follow into fly and bug eating. In his room, Renfield gives the purchase papers to purchase an abbey in London.